Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Browser Bookmarks

I have created a very useful way to store my CQ environment bookmarks so that any system is easily accessible.

Create a folder in the Bookmarks Toolbar for each Environment. E.g.

Dev/ Sit/ UAT/ Perf/ Live/ Educ/

Then, in each environment, create a set of sub folders for CRX, Felix, etc...

CRX/ Felix/ Publish HTML/ Logs/ System Status/

Then put bookmarks to all of your CRX instances, for that environment, under the CRX folder, etc...

The beauty of this is that in browsers (Firefox 3.5 at least) you can quickly navigate to the "Live/CRX" folder and select "open all in tabs". Gaining fast access to Content Explorer when you have to go and look in multiple instances.

1 comment:

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