Tuesday, 19 April 2011

HTML page construction standards for performance

Started off with a page in my local dev environment. Jmeter script to fire 10 threads & make a total of 50 requests. All times in milliseconds.

First run:-
Ave: 765 90%:859 Max: 880

Combined 10 javascript files in to 1.
Second run:-
Ave: 653 90%:729 Max: 877

Minified the combined javascript file.
Third run:-
Ave: 610 90%:685 Max: 697

Moved the Omniture stuff to the bottom of the page (just before the usual "scripts.jsp" is included).
Fourth run:-
Ave: 554 90%:564 Max: 576

2 Development Standards to be adopted
Combine most of your javascripts in to 1 file.
Minify that javascript file.
Leave Omniture until last! (Preferably with an Ajax request onload).

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