Thursday, 25 August 2011

Disk space growing on the CQ author server?

If the disk space on the CQ5 author server is growing at 1-2GBs per day, then check on the filesystem, to see where the growth is at.

If you find that the "journal" directory is GigaBytes then check out this article :


With a default FileJournal configuration in place, depending on the activity on the repository, over time, many Journal log-files will be created. This eventually may cause a disk space issue and performance problems in applications that use CRX.


The default configuration of the Journal theoretically allows for an unlimited number of rotated log-files.

Non-clustered environment resolution :-

In a non-clustered environment where CRX is running standalone, it is recommended to configure the maximum size of a Journal log-file to 100MB and limit the number of allowed files to 1. This is more than sufficient for such a setup.
<Journal class="">
<param name="sharedPath" value="${rep.home}/shared"/>
<param name="maximumSize" value="104857600" />
<param name="maximumFiles" value="1" />

Note, made this change on an author which was struggling to stay up daily and it made a difference. Also we were able to cleanly shutdown the author after applying this change. Saved 35gb of disk space. Although, the journal file is still filling up 100MB every hour. Need to turn this off completely....

Checking disk usage in CRX

Use this URL to see what is using the most disk space in CRX :-