Friday, 11 May 2012

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Midnight at the lost and found

Have you worked out that TAR Optimiser does not run at midnight?

Normally, the OOTB default for running the TAR optimiser is 2am - 5am. This can be changed in the repository.xml/workspace.xml files. But, if you specify a start time of 00:00 it won't run.

I'm sure I've posted this elsewhere but just to re-iterate you can make the TAR optimiser run faster & do more work by reducing the optimizeSleep parameter. We've managed to get away with 0.25 without any noticeable performance impact to the live servers (CQ 5.3).

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Logging Activates, Deactivates and Deletes

To keep a log of who has activated or deactivated a page, add this to your logging :-

Log Level: Debug


You will then get entries like this in your log file :-

01.05.2012 13:58:07.460 *DEBUG* [ [0005877072284] POST /bin/replicate.json HTTP/1.1] Creating replication job null (action: ReplicationAction{type=ACTIVATE, path[0]='/content/mysite/en/blah/blah', time=1335877072325, userId='martin', revision='null'}) with content ReplicationContentFacade{path='/var/replication/data/g4e8029a-deec-87c7-8176-6d4eadd8fda5/84/84a8bf03-a58a-482d-8186-a7d2819ca365', contentType='application/cq5-replication-durbo', contentLength=9492}