Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Handling DELETEs which flush the dispatcher cache

I have been working on the following problemette, which was posted to the DAY-CQ mailing list on :-
Hi CQ Community,

Does anyone know how to stop the dispatcher invalidating on a DELETE command down a path?

The reason why I ask is because we have a lot of usergenerated content which is being reverse replicated. When the UGC is moved, for security, from /content/usergenerated to /content/mysite/blah/blah, then the /content/usergenerated/... node is deleted on the publish server. Each of these delete commands triggers the flush agent.

I have tried defining a rep:policy to deny jcr:all on a user in /content/usergenerated/. This works for node additions but, deletions are not recognised. So I cannot stop it here.

I have tried to alter the configuration in the /invalidate section of dispatcher.any file to no avail. Is this sdection defining what objects get invalidated rather than what objects trigger an invalidation?

I also noticed that in the release notes of the dispatcher the following, which makes me think that invalidate on delete might be hard-wired ...

Issues resolved in 4.0.5:
25169 - Support flush on every write

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This turned out to be a product bug - so it's in the queue to fix for a future version. Great!

In the meantime, we have come up with a workaround which is to implement a HTTP rewrite rule based upon the CQ-Handle /content/usergenerated (we don't need to flush on any changes in this area).

The key to intercepting the /dispatcher/invalidate.cache was to catch the CQ-Handle header /content/usergenerated and then to set CQ-Action to "TEST". This nullifies the request.


  1. Sorry this is not relevant to your post, but I am working on creating a Blog using Day CQ and the Blog Archive component that I want has a similar look and feel like the one you have on your blog - list by year, followed by month and expand the first month. I see CQ has limited functionality when it comes to the display style of the Archive. Would you mind sharing with me how you created your blog archive component?

    1. Hi,

      This blog is hosted on blogspot, a CQ server. I did not create any of it...


      // Martin

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